What is ScreenSpace?

ScreenSpace delivers the BA Content, Media & Film Production degree, through a unique partnership between MetFilm School and The University of West London.


What Will I Learn?

ScreenSpace delivers a practical degree course immersed in creative industry practice. You’ll produce digital video, TV and film content for a range of industry leaders in the screen industries, including Microsoft. ScreenSpace is where you learn from media professionals to which you produce video content, find and nurture audiences, and in doing so learn creative entrepreneurship, story-telling, production, and business.
You leave with a BA (Hons) Content, Media & Film Production degree from the University of West London delivered by ScreenSpace, a portfolio of professional content and a business/career plan for the field you wish to enter. That could be launching a TV production company, creating branded content, being a creative entrepreneur or become a digital technician for hire.

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