Last week, ScreenSpace and MetFilm School London hosted the first ‘MetFilm School Music Mixer’. Organised David Howell, MetFilm School CEO, who invited songwriting students from The ICMP, Laura Goldthorpe and Richard Fairlie down to mingle and perform their music.

Set up to encourage connection and collaboration between arts students and to provide a platform for ScreenSpace students to network with students from ICMP and go on to build further relationships and even collaborate on, soundtracks, syncs and music videos etc.

“The creative process for both songwriters and filmmakers are similar, both are telling stories, both involve drafting and redrafting of ideas, and success in both fields relies on your audience consuming great stories. When music and image work together the end result is far more powerful than the sum of their respective parts”. David strongly expressed that storytelling is vital to both film and music, and that as an alternative to downloading library music, young filmmakers should be reaching out to fellow talented artists in music.

There was a guest talk from Mark Cooper, Head of Music Television for the BBC. Cooper watched the young artists perform, and then hosted a brief chat on the use of film and music together and how he got into the industry.

Laura Goldthorpe sang her single “Candy shop,” and Richard Fairlie performed a composition called “Shelter.”

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