We all tell stories for a reason. Sometimes it’s simply to entertain, at other times it’s to provoke, to change people’s perspective on the world, and sometimes it’s a call to action.

A few weeks ago in a Financial Times article: The Pandemic is a Portal – Indian novelist Arundhati Roy was quoted: “In the midst of this terrible despair, it offers us a chance to rethink the doomsday machine we have built for ourselves. Nothing could be worse than a return to normality.”

So, as storytellers, how do we best unlock the role and power of storytelling in shaping political and social change? With much of the world in lockdown, how do we influence the rebuilding and renewal that will come when the crisis starts to abate, in terms of global challenges and climate change. What role do storytellers have in ushering in a better world? What needs to happen as we emerge out of the crisis, to ensure we grab the opportunity to create an improved world and not revert to an unsustainable normal?

Story to Action: a conversation – Live on YouTube

MetFilm School in collaboration with Arts Alliance, Procam, Picturehouse Cinemas, MUBI and BAFTA  are excited to announce: Story to Action, a conversation with Jaime Winstone, actress and activist; James Thornton, Founder and CEO, Client Earth; and Jerry Rothwell, filmmaker.

Moderated by Mariella Frostrup, the discussion will take place on Tuesday, 28 April at 5pm (GMT), through the MetFilm School YouTube channel.

Jonny Persey, Director MetFilm School: “A few weeks ago, climate change was everywhere: in the news, in the papers, in social media and on our minds. And then, like a bolt of thunder, Coronavirus changed the agenda, and for a while nobody could talk about anything else. Although the virus still remains a massive global threat, now may be the time to start thinking about what comes next – since it has changed how we all live – albeit temporarily.

We have been going on about pollution, but now we actually have reduced petrol consumption and air travel. We have been talking about sustainability, but we are now actually moderating our food consumption. We have been harping on about big society and spending more on everyone, and now we actually are. We have been so focused on things and work and money, but now we are focused on each other, and the planet.

The hierarchy of need in every social and work conversation is immediately sharpened. Nation-states across the world have demonstrated unprecedented togetherness in introducing tough border controls and travel restrictions, not for reasons of nationalism but in pursuit of a noble common goal. Now might be the time to channel those energies and togetherness, to the one issue that could ultimately save us all.”

Join us on: Tuesday, 28 April at 5pm – LIVE


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