Kit Requirements and Specifications


A camera or smartphone capable of recording 1080p at 25fps.

As part of your smartphone filming you will need to install the FILMIC PRO APP on your device; This can be used on IOS or Android, though please check the website to ensure it is compatible with your Android device given there are so many different models. This currently costs £12.99.


A laptop computer (PC or Mac) with a spec which enables you to run Adobe Creative Suite or Davinci Resolve to run optimally. You may wish to wait until you are a registered student if you are planning on buying a laptop to take advantage of student discounts. Please talk to us if you have any questions BEFORE buying a device. The minimum spec we recommend is:

A Multicore 64bit processor (eg Intel i5/i7)
Windows 10 or newer / OSX 10.14 or newer
16GB RAM minimum (and you may prefer to get 32GB)
1920×1080 (or higher)
256GB or higher (ideally 512GB) capacity disk – SSD is preferable for speed but older HDD will work
A graphics card (integrated, NVIDIA or AMD) with 2GB of VRAM (a discrete NVIDIA or AMD card will provide better performance)

An Adobe Creative Suite license

Once you are registered as a UWL student following the Induction Week you can purchase a student license and set up an Adobe account. We will provide you with the ability to download and activate the Creative Cloud Suite applications on your laptop.

Hard Drive

You will need at least 1, or ideally 2 hard drives. These should be:

Type: USB powered – “USB Powered / Self Powered” (ie no separate power supply – USB powered only). You will find these will be the “pocket” sized drives, the size of your palm. USB 3.0 connectivity – whilst you can purchase drives with other connections in addition to USB3.0, you will only be able to connect to USB3.0 at the School – so make sure your drive supports USB 3.0
Capacity: The drive should be at least 2TB in size.
Number: You should ideally bring 2 drives, 1 as your master and 1 for backing up your rushes and other work. As you progress through your time at the school, you may need to purchase more drives depending on the amount of data you wish to backup or keep as archive.

Provision of Office 365 for Course Duration

You will be provided with an Office 365 account (which provides an email address and access to the Microsoft Office applications) for the duration of your studies. The account details will be sent shortly before the course start date. It will be possible to keep the email address after your studies have ended but access to the Office suite and online applications will be removed. Due notice will be given so any online documents can be downloaded before access is terminated.